10 interesting facts about sea turtles

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10 interesting facts about sea turtles

Sea Turtles : 101 Super Fun Facts And Amazing Pictures by Janet Evans

SEA TURTLES: 101 SUPER FUN FACTS AND AMAZING PICTURES ( FEATURING THE WORLDs TOP 6 SEA TURTLES) This book depicts the wonder of the world of Sea Turtles. Children are given a well-rounded understanding of this beautiful creature: its anatomy, feeding habits and behavior. The following Sea Turtles are featured: Green Sea Turtle Hawksbill Sea Turtle Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle Loggerhead Sea Turtle Leatherback Sea Turtle Olive Ridley Sea Turtle The description is in the large text and is simple enough for early readers or for a parent to guide a child through. There are also picture captions that provide more information to talk about with your child. Alternatively, a child of any age (even the child in you) can just look at the images and appreciate its beauty. Enjoy!
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Sea Turtle Facts: 14 Facts about Sea Turtles

Jun 18, They've been around for a very, very long time. The oldest known sea turtle fossils date back about million years, making them some of the.
Janet Evans

12 Sea Turtle Facts That Prove How Cool They Are

These glorious seaborne relatives of land turtles glide through the coastal and deepwater regions of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. Long-lived creatures, it can take 30 years for a sea turtle to mature sexually. Sea turtles are animals in the Class Reptilia, meaning they are reptiles. Reptiles are ectothermic commonly referred to as "cold-blooded" , lay eggs, have scales or did have them, at some point in their evolutionary history , breathe through lungs, and have a three or four-chambered heart. In all but one species, the carapace is covered in hard scutes.

Sea turtles , sometimes called marine turtles, are reptiles of the order Testudines. The leatherback is the largest of all living sea turtles. Mature leatherbacks reach about 1. The largest leatherback recorded weighed kilograms 2, pounds. Sea turtle species have varied life spans ranging from 35 to 80 years , although some individuals have exceeded years.

Toggle navigation. Sea Turtle Facts Sea turtles are group of reptiles that can be found in all oceans of the world except in the polar area. Out of 7 known species of sea turtles, 6 are critically endangered. Main factors that decrease number of sea turtles are: poaching, loss of nesting or feeding areas, accidental catch called bycatch , ocean pollution and weather changes global warming. Interesting Sea Turtle Facts: Sea turtles are very old organisms. They live on the Earth more than million years. They managed to survive weather changes which killed the dinosaurs.

These magnificent creatures come in all shapes and sizes and live in a number of different environments. They all belong to a group of reptiles called Testudines , which includes turtles , tortoises , and terrapins.
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Scientific Name: Dermochelys coriacea

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience while browsing it. By clicking 'Got It' you're accepting these terms. June 16 is World Sea Turtle Day and while we all know they're pretty, that the younglings rush to the water after they hatch and that they often become victims of plastic waste , there's so much more to these guys.

From leatherbacks to loggerheads , six of the seven species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered at the hand of humans. These creatures are well-adapted to the ocean though they require air to survive. Sea turtles live in almost every ocean basin throughout the world, nesting on tropical and subtropical beaches. They migrate long distances to feed, often crossing entire oceans. Some loggerheads nest in Japan and migrate to Baja California Sur, Mexico to forage before returning home again. These reptiles spend their entire lives at sea, except when adult females come ashore to lay eggs several times per season every 2 to 5 years.

The oldest known sea turtle fossils date back about million years , making them some of the oldest creatures on Earth. Just for some context, dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago:. They really love to travel. Leatherback sea turtles can travel more than 10, miles every year:. For sea turtles, home is where the heart is. When it's time to lay their eggs, female sea turtles return to the same nesting grounds where they were born:.


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    Oceans and lakes are home to many amazing animals, but few underwater creatures are as majestic or awe-inspiring as the ancient turtle.

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