Библия с номерами стронга для андроид

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библия с номерами стронга для андроид

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Published 22.01.2019

обзор программы Цитата из Библии на Android

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My brain explodes onto the web focusing on Bible software, preaching and ministry. This list of the best Android Bible study apps for includes Bible study apps as opposed to Bible reading apps. Many Bible apps will include a few of the above, but they usually only include public domain or just one or two. A scholar or pastor could use them while mobile. Olive Tree looks beautiful on most platforms.

This app is easy to use, fast and intuitive, packed with a lot of great features. We know you'll love it so much, it's our guarantee, because it's the result of the work of many Bible students, with a lot of labour and love for the Scriptures. It's not just another Bible app, but your resource of study and relationship with Jesus. Some words could be "archaic" and this dictionary has almost entries. To access it tap the "dagger" symbol at the end of verses. Spurgeon, the "Prince of Preachers" with comments on the Psalms.

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Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best experience possible. These cookies are used to provide us with analytics and to enable us to make personalized recommendations. - At the end of the 19th century James Strong developed a concordance an index of words in a Bible translation and gave each underlying Hebrew and Aramaic and Greek word a unique number. Therefore by using these numbers it is possible for someone without knowledge of the original languages to find the verses in which a particular Hebrew Old Testament or Greek New Testament word is used, independent of the translation.

The wait is over for Android users who want to take their Accordance content on their smartphones and tablets. The Accordance Mobile for Android app makes it easy to view a commentary or study Bible in parallel with your Bible or to view two Bible translations side by side. Search the Bible in its original languages or in translation, including grammatical and key number searching! Your initial download will include a small selection of Accordance modules. Purchase additional modules from our website at any time to create an entire Bible study library at your fingertips. Accordance Mobile for Android Version 1.

Years ago i set Strong's numbers like to open a different resource that used Strong's numbers. I'd like to change it back but I've forgotten how. Does anyone know how I can change that back? Thanks for your help. Add the resource to the Prioritize list in Library. If it is already in the list, drag it above the resource that is currently used.

Quick Overview A tour of some of the general features of BiblePro. Watch 1. Reposition and docking the display In BiblePro everything is movable, configurable and editable. BiblePro can export into a wide variety of formats. Watch 0. Remember what you've read BiblePro rememebers every verse you've looked at for easy navigation to verses studied earlier.


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    We happy to present you this Strong's Exhaustive Bible Concordance Android app. Here you find Bible with Strong's Numbers, Bible and Strong's Concordance .

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