A werewolf boy sad scene

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a werewolf boy sad scene

A Werewolf Boy by Kim Mi Ri

Cinta adalah bahasa pertama yang dikenalnya

Sepanjang malam aku menunggu matahari terbit di luar jendela
Karena begitu pagi tiba, aku bisa bertemu dengannya
Terima kasih karena menggenggam tanganku
Terima kasih karena menatap mataku
Terima kasih karena kau yang kunanti-nanti akhirnya tiba di sini
Sepanjang hari aku menunggu bulan muncul di langit
Karena begitu malam tiba, aku bisa berbicara denganmu
Jangan lupakan janji kita
Jangan lupakan rahasia kita
Jangan lupakan betapa jantungku berdebar keras
Ketika menatap matamu
Betapa aku mencintai senyummu

Diangkat dari film melodrama paling sukses di Korea, A Werewolf Boy menceritakan kisah menyentuh Cheol Soo (diperankan Song Joong Ki) dan Kim Sooni (diperankan Park Bo Young). Cheol Soo yang selalu bertindak mengikuti naluri serigala, pelan-pelan berubah ketika diperkenalkan pada cinta oleh Kim Sooni. Akankah kisah mereka menemukan akhir bahagia?
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Sad scenes in Korean Dramas

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Kim Mi Ri

A Werewolf Boy - Sad scene

I really did. Turns out, it was the right decision on my part. One night, Soon Yi hears something outside the house and goes to check, only to be faced with a scary dark figure. Frightened, she runs back inside the house. The next day, Soon Yi and her mother see the figure in the garden, but it turns out to be an untamed boy Song Joong Ki , who does not know how to speak.

This movie has been reviewed by several other awesome reviews recently. However, when the family discover a grown orphan Song Joong Ki with little social skills, they chose to take him in, and later name him Chul Soo.
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Hi guys! So I just saw my first kmovie :sob: I know I don't why I had never seen a kmovie before anyway as you can see I saw. Like the beginning when she didn't like him and was all like when is he living and stuff and than she got closer to him. And than we get to the ending and that's were the tears just came coming I think I literally cried the last 30 minutes all the way through. The way she was telling him to go :sob: he called him a fool and so many other things I know it was to get him to leave but it broke my heart. He killed me soong joong-ki killed me and he hadn't even said more than 3 lines his acting was just to perfect. And than she leaves him again :sob: what about the snow man what about you are just gonna leave him there after you left for 47 years

Mar 8. Posted by hitomiakiko. I downloaded the movie just for one reason-Song Joong Ki, and expected to have a good time watching but was so pleasantly surprised when I ended up glued and hooked to the screen for two hours straight! And needless to say, I watched it again right after finishing it. Watching the movie, you encounter every type of emotion and end up smiling and crying altogether! It would be an understatement to say I loved this movie.


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