American greed bank robbing broker

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american greed bank robbing broker

Crash of the Titans: Greed, Hubris, the Fall of Merrill Lynch, and the Near-Collapse of Bank of America by Greg Farrell

The intimate, fly-on-the wall tale of the decline and fall of an America icon   With one notable exception, the firms that make up what we know as Wall Street have always been part of an inbred, insular culture that most people only vaguely understand. The exception was Merrill Lynch, a firm that revolutionized the stock market by bringing Wall Street to Main Street, setting up offices in far-flung cities and towns long ignored by the giants of finance. With its “thundering herd” of financial advisers, perhaps no other business, whether in financial services or elsewhere, so epitomized the American spirit. Merrill Lynch was not only “bullish on America,” it was a big reason why so many average Americans were able to grow wealthy by investing in the stock market.  Merrill Lynch was an icon. Its sudden decline, collapse, and sale to Bank of America was a shock. How did it happen? Why did it happen? And what does this story of greed, hubris, and incompetence tell us about the culture of Wall Street that continues to this day even though it came close to destroying the American economy? A culture in which the CEO of a firm losing $28 billion pushes hard to be paid a $25 million bonus. A culture in which two Merrill Lynch executives are guaranteed bonuses of $30 million and $40 million for four months’ work, even while the firm is struggling to reduce its losses by firing thousands of employees. Based on unparalleled sources at both Merrill Lynch and Bank of America, Greg Farrell’s Crash of the Titans is a Shakespearean saga of three flawed masters of the universe. E. Stanley O’Neal, whose inspiring rise from the segregated South to the corner office of Merrill Lynch—where he engineered a successful turnaround—was undone by his belief that a smooth-talking salesman could handle one of the most difficult jobs on Wall Street. Because he enjoyed O’Neal’s support, this executive was allowed to build
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Dateline 2017 Stolen Dreams

Stephen Stephen Trantel was a husband, a father, and a bank robber. He was once a broker making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Manhattan trading pits.
Greg Farrell

This Trader Turned Bank Robber Was So Good He Robbed 10 Banks Before He Was Caught

A look at people who allegedly break the law in their quest for cash. Included: art heists; Ponzi schemes; stolen identities. The case of stock broker-turned-bank robber Stephen Trantel. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Created with Sketch. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Sign up to get started Login About My Watchlist.

The once-happy couple, Stephen and Jeanne Trantel. Jeanne Trantel thought it was her lucky day when a Wall Street trader clerk called Stephen asked for her number at a bar one night 20 years ago. She couldn't know that a spiralling career would turn her broker hubby into a bank robber, by the time came around. According to the Mirror , Stephen lost his spot on a trading floor -- where he made bets on crude oil futures -- back in and became increasingly desperate. His wife told the Mirror she noticed some changes. Her husband was losing weight; he wasn't taking care of his appearance; his mood snapped frequently. But she couldn't know that,.

Sign in. Alex Borstein , RuPaul , and other stars at the Emmys answer our fans' burning questions. Watch now. Stephen Trantel is a husband, a father He was once a broker making hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Manhattan trading pits. Unemployed, Trantel embarks on a new career - one of crime.

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The show profiles various cases involving corporate fraud and white collar crimes. Some of the episodes profile two of these cases in a single episode. The show has been on the air since June 21, and was renewed for its 11th season which started airing at the end of Jan Stacy Keach is the narrator for these episodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. TV Guide.

Stephen Trantel is a husband, a father…and a bank robber. He was once a broker making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unemployed,… Read More Stephen Trantel is a husband, a father…and a bank robber. Unemployed, Trantel embarks on a new career…of crime. His life—and the lives of those who love him--are changed forever. Read Less.


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