Flowers that only bloom at night

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flowers that only bloom at night

The Night Flower by Lara Hawthorne

As the summer sun sets over the Arizonan desert, wildlife gathers to witness a very special annual event. The night flower is about to bloom. This celebration transforms the quiet desert for just a short few hours into a riot of colour and sound, as mammals and insects congregate from miles away to take part in this miracle of nature. From pollinating fruit bats to burrowing owls, howling mice and reptilian monsters, explore the unusual wildlife the desert has to offer in this beautiful non-fiction picture book.
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Night Blooming Flowers

Night-blooming cereus

Imagine that on a quiet night, you are sitting in your garden which is full of with beautiful, sweet fragrant flowers. How peaceful that experience can be? Such experience could free you from stress and tension, especially after a busy day. Are there any such night blooming flowers in your garden? The night scented orchid or epidemdrum nocturnum is a beautiful night blooming orchid native to tropical regions of Central and South America. This orchid grow best in cool to warm conditions.

Oenothera biennis, commonly known as evening primrose, has sweet yellow flowers and is prolific throughout the United States. Native to North America, this wildflower blooms at night from May to July and is known to have a variety of medicinal uses. Moonflower Datura species is both fragrant and exotic. And while many varieties of moonflower have an alluring lemon scent , they are poisonous and should be planted well away from areas where children and pets play. Tiarella cordifolia, also called foamflower, loves shade and makes a lovely addition to a woodland garden or walking path.

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10. Evening Primrose

Why not choose plants that perform best when you're actually around to enjoy them? These lovely night-blooming flowers and plants give off their sweet smells at night. Want more gardening ideas? Check out these fresh landscaping ideas and our roundup of the best perennial flowers for more inspiration. While this shrub's pretty white flowers give off their signature smell during the day, they're even more fragrant at night.


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    Why not choose plants that perform best when you're actually around to enjoy them? These fragrant night blooming flowers' best features come.

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    We all want gardens that are full of color, texture and visual interest during the day, but have you thought about what your garden looks like at night?

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    11 Fragrant Flowers That Bloom At Night

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