My birthday is on christmas

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my birthday is on christmas

Quote by Ellen DeGeneres: “If your Birthday is on Christmas day and youre...”

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Published 22.01.2019


Everyone automatically assumes it must suck.

Merry birthday

When you were little, a birthday on Christmas seemed like the absolute best scenario you could ever imagine. Instead of being the most incredible, sparkly, tinsel-filled day ever, both celebrations were kind of diminished. We usually do a buffet for him! He will turn 31 on Christmas this year, and takes a different approach. Rather than try to celebrate both occasions together, his parents shunted his main birthday forwards to February, although they sing Happy Birthday and open cards on Christmas morning. His parents used to try and have his birthday on Christmas Day.

On the rare occasion that someone asks me when my birthday is, my answer is usually meant with a look of pity. I even like that, when people give me gifts, I can give them something as well, making it a reciprocal exchange. Some go all out with a whole week of activities and big parties. Some shut themselves away for their birthday, choosing to let the day pass with no hoorah. Some friends want to celebrate but have no idea how. I once knew a guy who would spend his birthday reading about famous writers and artists who were famous before whatever age he was turning.

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G'wan, it's Christmas - open up the After Eights. Slide out that tasty festive treat from its open wrapper. My wonderful mother Noeleen, just 25 years young and pregnant with her second baby, sits heavy under the tinsel-decorated, twinkling Christmas tree, wrapping her last gift. Indeed, quite possibly the actual last of the 'Cheeky Charlies. When it ends, sobbing with inner festive glee and hormonal angst, she makes her way to bed early, already six days overdue with little old me.

My family did a great job of keeping my birthday special and unique. Any family parties either happened the day before my birthday, or during the days after Christmas. I think from an early age, they knew that they wanted that day to be exclusively mine. They made my birthday presents a lot better than my Christmas ones. They really reiterated the fact to others that my birthday still deserved a birthday present and that my gifts could never be a combined present. They really strived hard to make it two separate occasions, despite some others trying to make it one.

I hear it all the time: "Your birthday is on Christmas?! I am lucky enough to be a Christmas baby. I was always confused why people said it in such a negative tone. I'm always asked if I hate my birthday or if I only get presents for Christmas rather than both Christmas and my birthday. People just made my birthday seem so negative as if the day on which I was born was horrible and inconvenient for me. And I promise you it isn't.


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    If you're someone else who shares your birthday with Christmas, I know how you feel — really, I do. It's everyone else that doesn't get it!.

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