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christoph niemann new yorker covers

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Published 21.01.2019

The New Yorker "On the Go" AR cover

Cover Story: Christoph Niemann’s “Coffee Break”

Summer in New York—and really every other season in the city—brings with it a familiar scene: a subway platform on which no platform is visible, the ground replaced by a mass of bodies jostling for position. On our latest cover, Christoph Niemann depicts this tradition in a wash of color. We recently talked to Niemann about the image. You spent more a decade in New York before moving to Berlin. How does the public transit there compare? Biking is a real alternative, though. I even started biking to the airport, weather- and luggage-permitting.

Cover Story: John Cuneo’s “Rolling Out the Gold Carpet”

Introducing Christoph Niemann’s Augmented-Reality Covers - The New Yorker

Drawing is usually all about abstraction, limiting choices—a specific angle of a specific scene. An animated or interactive dimension changes that. When I draw, I constantly switch between being an artist, who makes marks on paper, and a viewer, who judges whether those marks make any sense. As I draw, I observe, and sometimes I witness a lucky accident that leads to a new direction. Niemann at his studio in Berlin. How do you know that direction is a GIF as opposed to, say, a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree animation?


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