Erwin wurm one minute sculptures

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erwin wurm one minute sculptures

Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculptures by Edwin Wurm

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Erwin Wurm - One Minute Sculptures

Erwin Wurm · Artworks · Biography · Bibliography · Contact · Solo exhibitions · Group exhibitions · Museum collections · Monographs One Minute Sculptures.
Edwin Wurm

Erwin Wurm

He is known for his humorous style as well as his peculiar portrayals of daily life. Since the late s Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm is working on his on-going One Minute Sculpture series in which he or others pose with everyday objects, often within an art space. Before that, the artist first attended the Mozarteum in Salzburg between and After graduating from college, Wurm started to experiment with different ideas, making statuary sculptures from wood and metal oil barrels that he welded together. He then painted the sculptures in an abstract and informal style. He used common and readily available materials such as scrap metals, woods, planks, or buckets.

Mar 31, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm directs volunteers to interact in paradoxical ways with random "The One Minute Sculptures are absurd, in a way.
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License this image. Wurm began his One Minute Sculptures in , and has since been continuously contributing to the encyclopaedic series in myriad locations around the world. The individual photographs feature images of people — anonymous participants, performers, curators, artists and even the artist himself — engaging in unconventional and sometimes physically challenging interactions with everyday objects such as clothing, buckets, balls, doorframes, bicycles and perishable goods. The resulting compositions feature unusual contortions — held for a minute — and illogical still-lives that are both humorous and provocative. The participant subsequently enacts the determined formation or action and maintains it for a period of sixty seconds, during which time the pose is photographed. In a complex work that explores interaction, activation and the temporal, Wurm employs the photographic medium as a means of cataloguing his ephemeral studies.

Vienna-based sculptor Erwin Wurm has a history of using whatever objects and materials are at hand. These images are from his One Minute Sculptures series, begun in the late s, in which the works themselves have been created on the spot using whatever objects, participants, and backgrounds were available. These creations were then documented photographically and on film, and the earliest such visuals are about to go on display at the Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool — the first UK exhibition entirely devoted to the project. The improvised nature of the images, populated by ordinary people and everyday objects, declare the fun, playfulness and spontaneity that must have gone into the making of each picture. The interesting thing is that, in spite of this, there remain darker connotations of assault, warfare, and ritual violence. Perhaps it is the co-existence of the imaginative, child-like activity alongside those more unsavoury allusions that makes them so unusual and engaging.

Three oranges give a glimpse inside Erwin Wurm's 'absurd' visions. In an awkward pose, with three oranges propped under my forehead, I learned up close what it was like to become one of Erwin Wurm's subjects -- if only for a minute. The Austrian artist has spent 22 years positioning subjects with inanimate objects as part of his One Minute Sculptures, a performative project he's brought to Hong Kong, as part of a new exhibition in the city. The artist directs volunteers to interact in paradoxical ways with random everyday objects -- a chair, pencils, fresh fruit -- for around one minute, standing still as Wurm takes their photo. The writer poses for Erwin Wurm. Credit: Marianna Cerini. The picture documenting the pose is the only permanent part of the process.


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