13 going on thirty thriller dance

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13 going on thirty thriller dance

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A search for a pair of serial rapists leads Livia Lone down the darkest and most dangerous trail of her life in a pulse-pounding thriller by New York Times bestselling author Barry Eisler.

Ten years ago, the daughter of Homeland Security Investigations agent B. D. Little vanished into thin air. So did seven other girls—the crimes all bearing the same signature characteristics.

Now the disappearances have begun again. And Agent Little’s efforts to investigate are being blocked by forces far above his pay grade. Desperate, he turns to Seattle sex-crimes detective Livia Lone, the most obsessive hunter of predators Little knows.

Livia will need that obsessiveness, and a lot more. Because the two men Little is pursuing are fearsome. Both Special Forces veterans with a dozen tours in Iraq between them. Both sadists and serial rapists. And one, the congressman scion of the vice president of the United States—a man who will use all his power to protect his son’s secrets and further his own ambitions.

The conspirators have all the assets and all the angles. And every reason to believe they’ll evade justice, as they always have before.

They don’t understand that for Livia Lone, justice is only a guideline. Revenge is the rule.
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Published 21.01.2019

Judy Greer Remembers Shooting ‘13 Going On 30’ ‘Thriller’ Dance With Jennifer Garner - TODAY

13 Going On 30 - Michael Jackson Thriller Dance

For a while, the movie's directors wanted Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo to play the young versions of themselves. But they eventually cast Christa B. Allen as the young version of Jenna, Jennifer Garner's character. At the time, Garner said that Allen looked identical to her as a teenager. When a year-old Allen asked Garner for advice on breaking into the industry , Garner told her, "Make sure that you maintain a life outside of Hollywood because if you're just wrapped up in your career all of the time, you're not a real person having real experiences.

Judy Greer, who played Lucy Wyman in the rom-com "13 Going on 30," looks back on.
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Top 10 Unexpected Dance. Favorite movie. Thumbs up. Please Subscribe. On Wednesday, April 23, "13 Going On 30" turns 10 years old. In honor of the reverse-coming-of-age time travel romcom and all 13 year olds. Watch the full episode of Couch Surfing streaming now on , or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device.

In the film, Jennifer Garner plays Jenna Rink - a year-old stuck in her own year-old body. It follows Jenna as she navigates life as a big-time magazine editor living in Manhattan. Garner was asked directly to be in this movie, after winning the Golden Globe for her role in "Alias. Although Garner and Greer who plays Lucy are frenemies in the film, the two are pals in real life. Greer recently spoke about Garner in an interview with The Social , saying, "I just really love her so much, and she is such a special person


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    It's been nearly a decade and a half since “13 Going on 30” gave us an Judy Greer remembers shooting '13 Going on 30' 'Thriller' dance with.

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