A lions is like its fingerprint

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a lions is like its fingerprint

Ed Emberleys Fingerprint Drawing Book by Ed Emberley



sorry there was a little bit of delay in posting the final day of fingieprints - halloween was spooky and then i got a horrible flu and have been incapacitated and am still very wobbly. but now it is posted! happy october!

when i was little, i looooved ed emberley. i was recently reminded of this fact and decided to be a little kid again and make me some fingerprint art.

im not quite sure how to structure this project. i like having daily assignments, but i dont know how to wrangle this book into one-a-day endeavors. it seems lazy to just do a single print per day, and that wont get me anywhere close to demonstrating all the little fingie-creatures this book has to offer. but i also dont want to get too ambitious and create daily scenes starring multiple creatures from the book which would require additional artwork and clever thematic ideas, which i cannot promise with my hectic schedule.

ill just wing it, i guess. for today, i will just practice sticking my fingers into the ink and making a few of the characters to see if im as artistic now as i was when i was six.

October 1

not too shabby, fingies!

October 2

look at all the cats my fingies made!

October 3

fingieman in peril! look out for giant buggas!!!

October 4

here are all sorts of ways to use your fingies to make different people-shapes!

October 5

and here are some of the things that bean-people can do!

October 6

theres a dirty joke in here somewhere. enjoy!

October 7

here are a whole bunch of birrrrds! im still working through the book, checking out what i can make from it. at some point, i will (hopefully) make more involved and exciting pictures, but for now, im just gathering the characters.

October 8

phoning it in a bit today because life is hard, but here are some creatures that can be found in your local pond!

October 9

more assorted animals! slow and steady wins the race!

October 10

more birds and a weirdo tree!

October 11

still havent mastered the art of cropping, but i think ive mastered the art of thumbfish!

October 12

and a very meowy christmas to YOU!

October 13

here are some more cute little critters!

October 14

its a winter wonderland!

October 15

here are some lions! broken up into two photos because some dummy accidentally made one upside down because of distractions...

October 16

here are some moods that fingerprints can have!

October 17

more moods! so moody are my fingies!

October 18

more faces doin stuff... i promise this will get more fun and involved soon - dont give up on me!

October 19

a string of duckies! see, these are way better than boring facial expressions. quack!

October 20

a ferocious dragon! mind his toxic smoke!

October 21

dinosaurs and penguins and eskimos, oh my!

October 22

more lazy mood-prints. but theyre cute, right? my fingies?

October 23

its an underwater party! dont be eaten!

October 24

bears and berries, berries and bears!

October 25

spring flowers, autumn trees - this picture is so confusing!

October 26

so many sad fingie babies...

October 27

so, here we have a crocodile and a lion and they want to eat that baby elephant and that nasty bluejay is egging them on but momma-elephant is saying noooooo, and the brave net-person is coming to save the day. aaaaaaand scene.

October 28

this one is off-book - for some reason, ed emberley did not include instructions on how to make a picture of me giving my cat her chemo using fingerprints. very shortsighted, emberley.

and since i may as well pass the hat for maggie wherever i am online:


maggies contribution to the fingerprint project:

shes not the best at it, but at least now i have little blue pawprints on my rug!

October 29

this one is also off-book, and now i am realizing that i should have been doing this the whole dang time because it is so much more fun to create scenes than it is to replicate the ones in the book. so from now on - for all of halloween weekend, i am going to skew dark and make scary fingies. this one depicts the rising of the ants and the resulting massacre of mankind. enjoy!

October 30

this is what happens when crazy cat ladies die unexpectedly. a feast for kitties!

October 31


sorry for the delay - i was very feverish and far from the computer. but im glad we made it through october together! welcome to november!

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