Penny parks inner child therapy

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penny parks inner child therapy

Rescuing the Inner Child: Therapy for Adults Sexually Abused as Children by Penny Parks

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Published 21.01.2019

Healing Your Inner Child - Free Hypnosis Session

PICT is a structured, systematic approach encompassing imagery, rescripting, cortical re-mapping and rapid belief restructuring to establish new neural pathways, gently producing profound, rapid and lasting change that ultimately leads to full resolution of underlying issues. PICT was developed to address childhood abuse issues, but has been found to be equally effective for a wide variety of emotional problems. This workshop takes the form of a masterclass that provides an insight into Parks Inner Child Therapy PICT and the way in which it can be used to create lasting change.
Penny Parks

Penny Parks

It is an evolving, cognitive form of therapy, with a foundation in basic Transactional Analysis, that incorporates Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP to aid rapid positive change. Although PICT was originally created to specifically help people recover from the trauma and damage of sexual, physical and emotional abuse during childhood such harm may have been caused deliberately, caused by neglect, or by inadequate parenting which was not intentional , PICT is equally effective for a wide range of emotional problems. Such as: eating disorders, OCD, DID, self harm, ritual abuse, anxiety or depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, phobias, working with abusers, grief and loss issues including murder, suicide, abortion, miscarriage, still birth, loss of job, material things or pets. PICT Practitioners can either facilitate the unloading process and then move on to change work, or accept clients who have already completed the unloading with prior counselling and are now ready for change work. The tools you have given me have opened my mind so that I can now begin to really live my life. The most significant feature of Parks Inner Child Therapy PICT is that it can bring about change gently because there is no need to disclose any details of traumatic events.

It is probably the most effective model available with the most significant feature being that it can bring about change gently as there is no need to disclose any details of traumatic events. The rapidity of its effectiveness has been enhanced by the introduction, in , of the PICT Quick Change model, devised originally to cater for clients from overseas; where resolution may be completed in a series of 5 consecutive days of 4 hour sessions. The QC 4 hour sessions can also be offered in weekly, 2 or 3 day formats. Penny Parks Training also provides a valuable resource to clients, practitioners and health professionals, as well as anyone interested in the topic of childhood abuse and its related subjects. Penny Parks herself has been consulted as an expert in the field by health professionals, the media and in legal cases. Interested in Therapy?

Penny Parks Training

Psychotherapist and author Penny Parks is one of the most inspiring women you could ever have the pleasure to meet. Her ground breaking treatment for adult survivors of child abuse, Parks Inner Child Therapy , has helped countless people. We are so grateful to Penny for sharing her truly incredible story and explaining why getting to know our inner child can be so healing. I come from a very dysfunctional family! Emotional, physical and sexual abuse were rife. My father was a wife beater; my step-father was a wife and child beater and sexual abuser and then my second step-father was a sexual abuser. Mother was a self-absorbed, insecure, blaming and accusing person who could not bear to be seen as wrong.



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    Parks Inner Child Therapy PICT is a powerful and versatile visualisation-based therapy which brings together a number of different therapeutic approaches to help to create rapid and positive change.

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    Why Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) works

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