Song come to my window

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song come to my window

Quote by Rabindranath Tagore: “Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing...”

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Published 21.01.2019

Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window (Live)

Melissa Etheridge on writing 'Come to My Window': Exclusive 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' excerpt

The Chicken Soup for the Soul line of inspirational books is branching out into the music world. Read on for the full story after the jump. I wrote most of this song in a hotel room, which is where I did a lot of my writing once I started touring a lot after my first album. The first three albums did fine. I was being played on radio and had a bit of a following. The hip-hop beats were starting around , the time of my third album, I experimented musically with them. So for the fourth album, I was thinking of getting back to my soul—to the roots of rock and roll where I came from.

That's why it was so strange for many of us in the Xennial queer community to discover that Applebee's had used "Come to My Window" in their most recent commercial and stripped the gay right out of it. In the Applebee's interpretation, "Come to My Window" is less about lesbian sex, more about ordering cheesy quesadillas and mozzarella sticks from their drive thru window. What "Come To My Window" did not give me, however, was an appreciation for reheated mozzarella sticks — that deep love came separately, and just as vibrantly. I'm all for cultural fusion. And I would certainly love for some microwaved spinach artichoke dip to come to my window. Melissa Etheridge and Applebee's still shouldn't intermix. The former is for feminist road trips, the latter, for screaming fights when you're home on vacation.

This was the first song to be released after Etheridge publicly announced that she was a lesbian. With the driving force of gay rights , the song gained a lot of airplay on radio stations, mostly through call-in requests. The song debuted on the Billboard charts after the first week of its release, reaching number 25 on the chart.
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Traditional Sound Discogr. A bit of non-musical advertisement for very talented students of my department. Hamish Henderson commented in the sleeve notes:. Here we have a haunting fragment of a folksong, the origin of which seems to be obscure. The title phrase is familiar in both European and American folksong, but this does not mean, of course, that songs in which it occurs have a common origin.

Come to my window Crawl inside Wait by the light of the moon Come to my window I'll be home soon. I would dial the numbers Just to listen to your breath And I would stand inside my hell And hold the hand of death You don't know how far I'd go To ease this precious ache And you don't know how much I'd give Or how much I can take. Keeping my eyes open I cannot afford to sleep Giving away promises I know that I can't keep Nothing fills the blackness That has seeped into my chest I need you in my blood I am forsaking all the rest. I don't care what they think I don't care what they say What do they know About this love anyway? Come, come to my window I'll be home I'll be home I'll be home I'm coming home. Come to my window Oh


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    Or, much more simply: Which songs best evoke the sex, drama, heartache, struggle, liberation and mindfucks of queer lives then and now?

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