Science doesn t care about your feelings

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science doesn t care about your feelings

Quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson: “The good thing about science is that its true ...”

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Published 08.01.2019


The Problem with ‘Facts Not Feelings’

Chief among these antiscientific sentiments, the IDW cites the rising visibility of transgender civil rights demands. Though often dismissed as just a fringe internet movement, they espouse unscientific claims that have infected our politics and culture. The real world consequences are stacking up: the trans military ban , bathroom bills , and removal of workplace and medical discrimination protections, a percent suicide attempt rate and targeted fatal violence. Contrary to popular belief, scientific research helps us better understand the unique and real transgender experience. Specifically, through three subjects: 1 genetics, 2 neurobiology and 3 endocrinology. So, hold onto your parts, whatever they may be.

It is time for a wake up call, not only for SJWs, but for everyone on the political left and everyone with thin skin when it comes to things like science and observable evidence. That wake up call is this: Facts do not, never have, and never will, care about your feelings. The thing about facts is that they are unbiased. Facts are based on undeniable things like science and observable evidence. This means that they cannot be biased toward one side or another and still be a fact. This needs to be clarified because what happens today is that someone on the left, and occasionally this happens on the right as well, is presented with a fact that disagrees with them, that fact gets a little asterisk by it. That asterisk means that fact must be biased or somehow skewed or just plain not true.

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In the midst of our turbulent political and cultural moment there endures an intellectual sub-culture that refuses to be dislodged by the relativism prevalent on the Left and the Right. This is a space that includes organisations like the Heterodox Academy and the cluster of academics and public thinkers now known as the Intellectual Dark Web.
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Science is the unbiased thirst for knowledge. Wind and solar are complete jokes as far as alternative energy sources, and the only reason average people bought electric cars is because the government paid them to do so. The horror of it!!!! Someone dared to ask a normal question highly worthy of scientific exploration. The fact that there are extreme differences between the sexes, races, and even between the respective sub-groups is well known in the medical field. Every medical history starts with Age, Sex, Race, and even sexual orientation.


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