Star trek v marshmallow dispenser

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star trek v marshmallow dispenser

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Star Trek V Kraft Marshmallow Dispenser

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier , Kirk, Spock, and McCoy enjoy some quality time together around the campfire, musing about life, death, baked beans, and rowing boats gently down streams. SPOCK: Before leaving the ship I consulted the computer library to familiarize myself with the customs associated with 'camping out. What do we do after we toast the marsh — er, melons?

Adventures In Licensing is a monthly column about the ancillary products of major motion pictures: the toys, games, books, comics, soundtracks, junk food, and anything else studios have used, past or present, to sell a movie. Twenty minutes. In a movie with a minute running time. It comes with a little loop attachment, on which hangs an utterly useless plastic fork and a spoon that could neither roast nor convey a marshmallow. The center of the dispenser is a hollow tube, big enough to hold three marshmallows, which can then be slid up the tube, Pez-style, via a spring-loaded lever. But the lever only slides halfway, which means that while the first two marshmallows pop out relatively neatly, the third has to be flung at whomever might want it. How can we make some extra money from this film?

Star Trek has zapped us with some high concepts over the years, but this marshmallow dispenser wasn't one of them. Since then, Star Trek 's thoughtful premises, quirky USS Enterprise crewmembers and zany aliens have spawned TV sequels and an installment movie franchise. Star Trek Vault , set for October publication by Abrams Books , documents the franchise's rich history with factoids and rare photographs. Check the gallery for a sampling of oddball paraphernalia left in the wake of the show's trail-blazing trajectory. Kraft Foods exploited the scene with a special promotion: Customers who bought bags of marshmallows could mail away for a similar dispenser, which came with a giant plastic fork and a hook for hanging from your utility belt. Timeline:

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Star Trek Freezicles

June 13, By: John Tenuto 63 comments so far. The film may not have delivered enough box office, but it certainly did deliver a lot of stuff for fans of Star Trek collecting. For Star Trek V , they produced five 7. McCoy, Klaa, and Sybok. These were sold in toy and grocery stores at the time.

Maybe the fork and spoon were included because the movie device could dispense other foods as well? Like sausages? Good thought Frederick! It would seem pointless to make a small replicator that only dispensed marshmallows I have this piece as well and even recently looking at it and thought "what was I thinking" when I ordered it. It is an odd collectible. This marshmallow dispenser looks like a cross between a photon torpedo tube and a shuttlecraft nacelle.

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