Linwood barclay zack walker series in order

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linwood barclay zack walker series in order

Zack Walker Series by Linwood Barclay

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Trent Luminary - Linwood Barclay - Behind the Scenes

Zack Walker is a science fiction writer, and later newspaper reporter, who moves to the suburbs. Bad Move (Zack Walker #1), Bad Guys (Zack Walker, #2), L.

Zack Walker

I like this author - Zack Walker is funny and normal and always getting into things he shouldn't, putting his long suffering family at risk. Have read the first three and currently on the last one - hard to put down. Did you? Yes No. User Heart Menu Basket. Home Linwood Barclay Collection - 4 Books.

About the Book

Paranoia-fuelled Zack Walker has trouble convincing his loved ones to obey his rules for keeping them out of harm's way. He's even uprooted his family and headed for the tranquillity of the suburbs. But then Zack stumbles upon a body, and a trail of deceit and murder leads right back to his own front door. Suddenly the 'burbs is not looking nearly so safe With a killer roaming around their neighbourhood and Zack's overactive imagination in overdrive, he's sure things can't get any worse. But then another local is murdered - and Zack's paranoid tendencies get him implicated in the crime.

Journalist Zack Walker has a dangerous habit of finding deadly stories. But this is one his good friend Trixie Snelling doesn't want told. It turns out Trixie has her fair share of skeletons in her closet and, as Zack discovers, a dead body in her basement. With other journalists circling the story - and no sign of Trixie, who has gone missing - Zack could find himself implicated in a murder, unless he finds out the truth fast. The bad news is: it will cost him his job, and teach him that everything he knows about his friend, his town, and even his marriage, is a lie. The good news?

Linwood Barclay is an author, humorist and a columnist based in Canada. He has published books in the fiction and non-fiction genres. His father was a commercial artist, whose works appeared in Life, Look and Saturday Evening Post before photography took over. When Linwood was 4 years old, his father accepted a position with an advertising agency in Canada. His father died when Linwood was 16 years old. Honors in English. He got his first breakthrough as a writer, when he got a job with a small Ontario daily called Peterborough Examiner.


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