Never see them again by m william phelps

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never see them again by m william phelps

Never See Them Again by M. William Phelps

It seems somehow because the girls worked at a strip club and dated hispanic drug dealers that they were white trash that only their family and friends should care about. Adelbert, one of the dead, was never known to be a drug dealer as far as I recall. He was considered a pretty decent young man. Reading the book, I never felt that the two slain girls were so called white trash, and nothing indicates that they were. They were waitresses at a low-brow place, but refused stripping offers. Tiffany wanted to be a social worker, and Rachel wanted to be in law enforcement. They lived in an upper middle class area. Obviously I dont know these people, and yes they did do drugs and Marcus sold them, which of course Im against. They did some wild and crazy things that I would never do or befriend anybody who did. Ive never done a drug, never smoked, and never taken a drink, but I still felt deeply sorry for those killed.

Rachel and Adelbert were apparently killed for just being there, and that fiend Christine was so rough on Rachel when she found out she was in the house because she was envious deep down in her gut, she was the ultimate loser and considered Rachel a better person than she. That she shot the girls in or near their genitals is telling.

I like to believe that Christine and her boyfriend went to the house to kill anybody in there, and then steal drugs and money, but Adelbert and Marcus still had money on them after the killings. Why didnt they take the money? Nobody but that killer will ever know the truth.

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M. William Phelps

Never See Them Again

William Phelps is an American crime writer and investigative journalist. Phelps is the author of 31 fact-based nonfiction and four history books, including co-authoring Failures of the Presidents with Thomas J. Beginning in January , he produced and hosted with criminal profiler John Kelly the Investigation Discovery series Dark Minds, which airs on the Investigation Discovery channel. He was featured in Writers Digest with his debut true-crime book Perfect Poison in and again with the release of his eighth book, I'll be Watching You , in Phelps' sister-in-law was murdered in , and the killer was never found. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. William Phelps.

Thank you! Veteran true-crime author Phelps Kill for Me , , etc. For more than two years, Houston police and related law-enforcement agencies seemed stumped by the crime, and it took three years from the day of the slaughter to publicly identify two suspects. Two Houston homicide detectives provide the focal point for Phelps, with numerous other law-enforcement officers entering and leaving the narrative. The author is respectful of the police, never suggesting they are incompetent, but he points out shortcomings of the investigation with admirable detail.

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. A rich Houston suburb seemed an unlikely place for a horrific murder in the summer of But then, everything in M. Phelps, a best-selling author, will be reading from and signing Never See Them Again today. It was a hot July day when Rachael Koloroutis and Tiffany Rowell, two beautiful, popular year-old girls, were found dead inside a Clear Lake house.

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