Who was famous 100 years ago

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who was famous 100 years ago

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Published 19.01.2019

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What famous man died 100 years ago today?

A formal announcement in this regard will be made soon. Big B joins the big league or makes it bigger with his name up there in the roll of honour? A century ago, a few adventurous astronomers pointed their telescopes at the skies, observing one of the most famous solar eclipses that helped transform our understanding of the universe forever. However, the world had to wait decades before the applications of such a blue skies result could be realised. On May 29, , astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington verified Einstein's theory by observing the apparent deflection of stars from their normal positions during a solar eclipse. This happens because, according to Einstein's theory, the path of light is bent by gravity when it travels close to a massive object like our Sun.

Longevity is something we all wish to obtain in our later years. Health and good care are only some of the factors to a long enjoyable life. We thought we would share a list of famous centenarians who have graced our culture present and past. Olivia De Havilland is a two-time academy award winning actress. She has been featured in 49 films throughout her career. She is the oldest person to have ever received such high honors.

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