Why we have two ears

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why we have two ears

Quote by Susan Cain: “We have two ears and one mouth and we should us...”

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Published 19.01.2019

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The price of personal sound amplification devices PSAP may be tempting, but using them in place of hearing aids may be damaging to your hearing health.

Why do we have two ears?

Listening is more than just hearing until the other person has stopped talking so we can share our thoughts with them. So how many times are we listening to our own thought, while listening to someone else? How many time do we have opinions or judgment spinning in our head while the other one is talking? How great it is when we are able to really listen? Listen to the words spoken but also to the unspoken ones. When I listen to someone, I try to hear what this person is really sharing with me. What emotions and needs are being expressed behind the conversations or the story.

Binaural hearing means that we are hearing with both of our ears. Can we hear with just one ear? Yes, but our brain is receiving only half of the sound picture. This makes it more difficult to process and understand speech, especially if there are other competing sounds occurring in the background at the same time. We could somewhat compare this to pealing a banana with only one hand. One is able to accomplish this task with some difficulty, but it would be so much easier to do so with the use of both hands. Nature gave us two ears and two hands for a very good reason.

If there is hearing loss in both ears, it is usually a good idea to acquire hearing aids for both ears. If only one ear suffers from hearing loss, we can manage with the other, but with a hearing aid in the defective ear, we can manage even better. You are very welcome to quote or use our articles.
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Direction of sound

By getting to know their own bodies better, these changes can be less mysterious. And a child who is in tune with their own body can use all of their senses as tools as they explore and try to understand the world around them. This activity helps children learn more about their sense of hearing. Use the sound cups you made for the Mystery Sounds activity. If you have not done that activity, review those instructions, or make sound cups by placing objects in any small container with a lid like film canisters. Rather than buy blindfolds, you can make them with scraps of fabric. Make sure you have enough for each pair of students.



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