Cape wrath season 1 episode 2

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cape wrath season 1 episode 2

Cape Wrath by Paul Finch

Craeghatir: a lonely rock, far out on the northernmost tip of Britain; the closest point of land to it, the wild, storm-ravaged Cape Wrath. To call this place bleak is the understatement of a lifetime. Huge cliffs dominate its shores, but within there are green tracks linking secret valleys where tumuli can be found, ancient megaliths and the bones of prehistoric mammals long grown over with moss. The island is now uninhabited and in terms of this beauty and silence, it is an outstanding locale - though few sightseers ever venture there willingly, for Craeghatir has an evil reputation. Professor Jo Mercy of Warwick Universitys elite archaeological unit doesnt believe the rumours and is keen to investigate a newly-discovered barrow on the island which might contain the remains of Ivar Ragnarsson, perhaps the most infamous of all Viking chieftains. Ragnarsson was reputed to be berserkir - a warrior possessed with the wolf-spirit, whose madness carried him past all pain and reason in the heat of battle, and whose victims were deemed offerings to the wolf-god Fenrir. But Mercy and her team will find themselves faced with more than just the inhospitable environment on Craeghatir, as the spirit of Ragnarsson is disturbed and death and madness come to the island.
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Cape Wrath (Meadowlands) season 1 episode 2

Description provided by Wikipedia Descriptions. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Cape Wrath Add to Wishlist. Produced by Ecosse Films, the series focuses on the Brogan family, who are trying to escape their past while confronting an even more uncertain future.

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Cape Wrath also known as Meadowlands is a British television thriller drama series, created by Robert Murphy and Matthew Arlidge, that first broadcast in the United Kingdom on 10 July on Channel 4. Due to low ratings, Channel 4 executives confirmed that a second series would not be commissioned.

Sign in. Danny's handlers frame Ormond for Jack's murder, while Evelyn pleads with Dr. York to lie about Danny's fertility test results, and Zoe undertakes an investigation of Jack's death with the help of Danny attempts to decipher the truth about Cape Wrath, while Samantha's visit with her dying father reveals more of the history behind Meadowlands, and the romantic triangle between York, Abigail and Local cop Wintersgill becomes suspicious of Jack Donnelly's absence and begins investigating his disappearance, while Danny and Mark struggle to keep Jack's murder a secret. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " explains how her newfound popularity is fueling Season 2 of the hit series.


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