Various avatars of lord vishnu

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various avatars of lord vishnu

Dasha Avatar by Kamala Chandrakant

The Avatar concept is the very cornerstone of Hindu theology. According to it, the Supreme Power manifests itself in animal or human forms on earth, with the divine mission of cleansing it of the periodically increasing evil.

The Avatar concept is closely related to the measurement of time in Hindu theology which has its basis on one working day of Brahma.

According to the Bhagwat Purana, Brahma, the creator, is the causal effect of the predetermined periodic creation and dissolution of the universe.

Each creation or Kalpa is equal to one day and each dissolution of Pralaya is equal to one night in the life of Brahma. A Kalpa and Pralaya last for 4,320 million human years each.

Every Kalpa has 1000 cycles of 4 Yugas (ages). Each cycle of 4 Yugas is completed in 4,320,000 human years. The Yugas are called Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali.

The Avatars which are considered most significant are ten in number and they form the Dasha Avatar. These ten start with the form of a lowly fish and work up to the noble man, cast in the image of God. The fanciful find a parallel to Darwin?s theory of evolution in the progression of these Avatars.

The Avatars enable the common folk to speak of or listen to stories of divine doings which is a simple way of proceeding towards Godhead; particularly in our Kali Yuga with its sick hurry and divided aims.
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Hinduism - 10 Avatars of Vishnu and Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Parallels

In his many forms, Vishnu is regarded as the preserver and protector.
Kamala Chandrakant


Lord Vishnu is said to be the protector and preserver. As per Hinduism, it is said that whenever humanity is threatened by the evil Lord Vishnu had come to earth in one of his reincarnations for restoring the balance between the good and evil. This reincarnation of Lord Vishnu is said to be Avatars and according to Hindu scriptures, there are ten avatars of Vishnu. In this blog, we will discuss all the ten Avatars of Vishnu in detail. It is believed in Hindu religion that Matsya is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu who came to the earth for saving man and other creatures of the earth from the largest cyclone. As per Hinduism, it is seen that Matsya is portrayed as a great fish in which the upper part of the human body is connected to the tail of the fish.

This first incarnation of Lord Vishnu was full of all the sixteen Kalas Supernatural powers. The creation as well as the expansion of the creation commenced from the organs of Lord Brahma. The first incarnation of Lord Vishnu is all-powerful, which can be seen only by the yogins and sages who have attained divine knowledge. This incarnation is also the indestructible seed from which all the other incarnations manifest themselves. During the time of final annihilation of the world, every creation merges into him. Throughout his life, he maintained celibacy; and engaged himself in the performance of tremendous penance. He was the one from whom the Brahmins got the inspiration regarding the values and importance of penance and Celibacy.


In Bhagavata Purana , it is mentioned that whenever evil triumphs over good, darkness take over light, and tyranny rules over justice and Lord Vishnu will reincarnate on earth to restore Dharma and guide the people in the right path. It is predicted that he will appear one last time at the end of Kaliyuga, making the number Adi Purush is the first and the primary avatar of Lord Vishnu. Also known as Narayana, he is depicted laying on the curls of a serpent. He is the source of all creation in the universe. The all-powerful; it is from his navel that the lotus sprouts, where Brahma resides. Four Kumars were the first four conscious beings created by Lord Brahma.

Home About Us Contact Us. Lord Vishnu: One of the main deity in Hinduism and the only who has taken more number of avatars or incarnations to save his devotees and to kill demons and to establish dharma and demolish devils. Lord Vishnu has taken different avatars in different Yugas. Lord Vishnu has already taken 9 avatars on earth and the remaining only avatar is Kalki avatar. Vishnu Kalki avatar will come at the end of Kali Yuga. Dasavatharam of Lord Vishnu has different names in different avatars. Every avatar has been taken by Lord Vishnu for the specific reason to accomplish and fulfill on earth.


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    Dashavataram refers to the ten principal Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

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    Dashavatara refers to the ten primary avatars of Vishnu, the Hindu god of preservation. Vishnu Various versions of the list of Vishnu's avatars exist, varying per region and tradition. Some lists mention The fourth descendant of Vishnu, Bali, with devotion and penance was able to defeat Indra, the god of firmament.

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