Bridge to terabithia character traits

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bridge to terabithia character traits

Bridge to Terabithia Quotes by Katherine Paterson

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The Bridge to Terabithia characters covered include: Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr., Leslie Burke, Mrs. Aarons, Mr. Read an in-depth analysis of Leslie Burke.

Jesse Aarons

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Jess and Leslie are the protagonists, or main characters, of the novel. The plot and the actions of the other characters revolve around them, challenging them and helping them work through their fears. Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr. As the only boy in a struggling family of girls Jesse feels like an outcast, and finds refuge from his problems in his passions for running and drawing. Through Leslie and the imaginary kingdom of Terabithia, Jess begins to overcome his various fears and learn to face and work through his problems rather than avoiding them. Leslie Burke: The new girl in town, Leslie moves in next door to Jess at the beginning of the novel. Her parents are both writers, and Leslie seems to have inherited their creativity and passion.

Living… on a farm in a small rural town.
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by Katherine Paterson

This is a list of characters that appear in the children's novel Bridge to Terabithia , and the telefilm and film adaption. Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr. He is based on her son. He is the middle child. It comes to being Christmas time, and Jesse gets Leslie a puppy named P.

All rights reserved. Topics Character Roles Protagonist, Antagonist Tools of Characterization. The first thing we learn about Jess is his ambition to be "the best runner of the fourth and fifth grades" 4. And that's what drives him for the first several chapters of the book — being


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