Why do we need friends essay

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why do we need friends essay

All the Lives I Want: Essays About My Best Friends Who Happen to Be Famous Strangers by Alana Massey

From columnist and critic Alana Massey, a collection of essays examining the intersection of the personal with pop culture through the lives of pivotal female figures - from Sylvia Plath to Britney Spears - in the spirit of Chuck Klosterman, with the heart of a true fan.

Mixing Didions affected cool with moments of giddy celebrity worship, Massey examines the lives of the women who reflect our greatest aspirations and darkest fears back onto us. These essays are personal without being confessional and clever in a way that invites readers into the joke. A cultural critique and a finely wrought fan letter, interwoven with stories that are achingly personal, All the Lives I want is also an exploration of mental illness, the sex industry, and the dangers of loving too hard. But it is, above all, a paean to the celebrities who have shaped a generation of women - from Scarlett Johansson to Amber Rose, Lil Kim, Anjelica Huston, Lana Del Rey, Anna Nicole Smith and many more. These reflections aim to reimagine these womens legacies, and in the process, teach us new ways of forgiving ourselves.
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Why we need Friends in Life?

Why Friendship Is Important

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Essay Topic: Life , Interpersonal relationship. Good Afternoon to the honorable judges, teachers and my fellow friends. I am standing here to deliver a speech about Role of Friends in Our Life. Don't use plagiarized sources.

It is as important to have friends as it is to have a family. Good friends help, guide and support us at every stage. Friends give us emotional support, they help us during difficult times and make us feel special. Blessed are those who have true friends in life. Here are some essays on Importance of Friends in our Life of varying lengths. You can choose any Importance of Friends in our Life essay as per the need:.

An evolutionary biologist explains the real, sciencey reason we yearn for friendship.

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Friends are important. Friendship helps us survive. Part of why that is has to do with what happens in our brains when we interact with other humans: a study detailed the role of the neurobiological endogenous opioid system the stuff in our brains that make us feel good in positive social relationships; in , researchers found evidence of the release of oxytocin in primate brains during social interactions; and later that year, psychologists conducted a study that suggested levels of pain tolerance can predict how many friends someone has. Friendship ignites the part of the brain that makes us feel good, which makes us want to keep hanging out with our friends. Lauren Brent, an evolutionary biologist and professor at University of Exeter, told me when we spoke on the phone in February. Brent explained the deeper, historical, evolutionary reasons we probably make friends. LAUREN BRENT : You can quantify how important friendship is by, say, recording how much time each of us spends talking to, interacting with, or thinking about our friends, or how much pain people feel when they lose a friend or get in a fight with a friend.

Friends can challenge us, confuse us, and sometimes, we might wonder why we bother. But friendship is as important to our wellbeing as eating right and exercising. The friends we meet in school teach us how to be patient, wait our turn, reach out, and try new hobbies. When we move into young adulthood we learn more about taking responsibility, finding a career path, and seeking out people as mentors. As we continue into our 40s and beyond, we learn to weather the ups and downs in life, and once again friends provide a sounding board and place for us to grow. Friendship is key to our success with all our relationships and it can create a sense of purpose in our lives. The people we bring into our lives as friends will show us how to forgive, laugh, and make conversation.

To all friends, Friendship is one of life 's greatest treasures. Friends that are loyal are always there to make you laugh when you are down, they are not afraid to help you avoid mistakes and they look out for your best interest. This kind of friend can be hard to find, but they offer a friendship that will last a lifetime. Other friends may not be quite as loving. The pain caused by a friendship marred by betrayal is not easy to overcome. In fact, many.


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