Kindle oasis charging cover connection

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kindle oasis charging cover connection

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Published 18.01.2019

NEW Amazon Kindle Oasis with Leather Charging Cover High Resolution Display

New User Reports Confirm the Kindle Oasis not Charging from the Battery Case

At the time I had written that off to the Oasis not living up to Amazon's marketing claims, but now I wonder if there was a more specific cause. There's a new discussion over on MobileRead where one Oasis owner reports that their new ereader wasn't charging correctly:. Why did my Oasis shut itself down when there was plenty of battery charge left at the cover? I started reading at light level 24 maximum brightness for 6 straight hours, WIFI off. At the end of 6 hours, I started to get low battery warning message before the device shut itself down. This mechanism made no sense. When the Kindle and the cover are connected, shouldn't it use the battery at the cover first before draining the battery at the Kindle?

User Name Remember Me? Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? Does Kindle Oasis have inherent loose connector problems? I am wondering if Kindle Oasis has inherent loose connector problem. However, sometimes my kindle is continuing to deplete until it dies even though there is plenty of charge left with the cover. It is clear that the cover is not charging the kindle under this circumstances but as soon as I separate the kindle from the cover and snap it back in, the cover starts charging the kindle again.

Last updated on May 13th, 8 Comments. Amazon changed things up with the release of the Kindle Oasis by including a leather charging cover with every purchase. The cover is included with the Kindle Oasis because it is a vital part of the equation. Amazon essentially took most of the battery out of the Kindle and put it in the cover in order to make the Oasis as light as possible. The cover is designed so that you can easily take it on and off, or you can also just leave it on all the time if you want.


Kindle Oasis E-reader with Leather Charging Cover Unboxing

They're finding that their Oasis isn't drawing power from the battery in the case like it's supposed to. And I'm not the only one with this problem. I have literally never had that happen with a previous Kindle e-reader so it is rather amazing. It regularly flashes a warning that it has lost connection with its charging cover. The Oasis connects to its battery case through a proprietary 5-pin connector.

Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader has done a fine job of pulling together a number of reports on the matter , including his own experiences with a borrowed Oasis review unit. Nate found that his own Kindle died after just three days of light reading, though he never thought to check the charge on the case at that point. A number of other Oasis owners are having similar issues. This suggests that Amazon has incorporated elements of DRM into the case connection, meaning that anyone who wants to make their own Kindle charging unit has to license that tech from Amazon. In any event, one of the best things about Amazon is its customer service and technical support, so anyone who is having this kind of issue will probably not have much trouble getting it resolved. But for those to whom it is happening, it will surely be very annoying.


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    Usually, if the kindle and the cover is connected, the kindle will be used first until the battery charge drops to about 80% and then the cover will.

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