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east side dave star wars

The Angel of the Revolution: A Tale of the Coming Terror by George Chetwynd Griffith

* Illustrated

(This title belongs to the STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES series. The STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES comprise an illustrated selection of classic Victorian speculative fiction, with each title being chosen for its quality, modern appeal and resonance with the steampunk movement of retro-futurism.)

THE GREATEST AIRSHIP warfare novel of all time ushers in the STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES series ... George Chetwynd Griffith’s THE ANGEL OF THE REVOLUTION, A TALE OF THE COMING TERROR. Written in the prophetic technological vein of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, Griffith’s epic masterpiece tells the story of a Great War which never was. Airship squadrons and steam fleets clash over the world’s great kingdoms, leaving panic and devastation in their wake. Griffith’s tale is romantic, compelling, evocative and surprisingly graphic in its depictions of human valor, brought under siege by the soul-crushing horrors of war. What is the secret of the mysterious dark “Angel,” Natasha? Can anyone stop the tyrannical ethernauts who pilot the stately war machines? Will the British Empire crumble and fall prey to the anarchists of the air?

Enriching and supplementing Wonderland Imprints’ well-received series of classic Illustrated Master Editions, the STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES series is devoted to reviving the very finest forgotten rarities which were originally published during the golden age of technology. The series explores the origins of retro-futurist elements, such as airships, mechanical men, goggled gentlemen of war, sophisticated adventuresses, gadgetry and weaponry, and global cataclysm. These are the tales of the Age of Steam, the lore of the ornate technology which reigned in a golden future that never was. Above all, this series is focused on telling great Victorian stories you’ve probably never heard of!

Episode 1, THE ANGEL OF THE REVOLUTION, is an epic novel. This edition features all of the classic illustrations, an active table of contents, 49 chapters, 144,000 words and 370 pages of swashbuckling aerial adventure. Come aboard, and sail the crimson skies of war!
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"East Side Dave's Star Wars"

Episode 16: Kenny Bolin, East Side Dave & a Watch-A-Long!

We discuss the final tracks of the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack including the dramatic conclusion of the film and the extended End Credits.. Plus David reveals the top 10 most used tracks from the entire saga and more. What's this? Hera takes center spotlight in the Ryloth based "Hera's Heroes". Reuniting with her father Cham Syndulla, Hera goes on a personal mission to her homeworld to take back what belongs to her family.

The deepest commitment. The most serious mind. The discipline to train. And the selflessness to leap into the fray, running toward the battle while others are turning away. My cousin Jerry Lucey was a firefighter in Worcester, Mass[achusetts], which is my hometown.

ESD: I know. I thought I was going to be victorious, and I proved that I have the heart of a Wookie. Knissors —can you tell me what they are and what was the inspiration behind them? ESD: Okay. Knissors are two knives—two knives—that can bolt together to act like a pair of scissors.

While RFR was on hiatus for a few weeks in January, I filled the time by appearing on a few radio shows and podcasts. Here's a rundown:.
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Additionally he hosts an online video program, The East Side Dave Show, which is also available in audio form. This show is part of the fee based compoundmedia. He graduated from Monmouth University , where he received a degree in communications. Originally, the Ron and Fez Show pretended that McDonald was working as a hot dog vendor outside of the Ron and Fez studios and that's why they hired him. Ron Bennington was quoted, "There's something funny about that hotdog cart guy. In June he resigned from his positions at the Ron and Fez Show after asking Siriusxm for more money because he was not paid enough to support himself and his family.


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