Should i ride english or western

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should i ride english or western

I Love Horses - Horses: Which is better Western or English Riding? Showing 1-50 of 73

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Published 18.01.2019

problems switching from western to English

English Versus Western Riding - What's the Difference?

My mom promised me riding lessons when I turned 16, but never delivered. I just wanted to learn how to sit and steer properly and enjoy some trail riding or galloping along beaches in Jamaica bareback. So nothing out of the ordinary. But which style of riding? But maybe one of my adventurous sisters would sub in. I decided to compare both to see which riding style fit.

Want 2x a month equestrian inspiration sent to your inbox! Yes Please! My first thought was: YES!!! Both are great options. Do you agree?

Do you ride? Do you not ride?
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There are many types of riding styles, but in North America and many other places, western and English are most common. If you're just learning to ride you may be curious about the differences between English and western riding styles. The basics of each are actually very similar.

These two riding styles can be hard to pick between. Luckily, they have quite a few differences. Eventually, you might try both to see what you prefer in the end. Both have many advantages. Cowgirl Hotlist Our Newsletter to your inbox every week! There was an error, please try again later.


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    2 Comments; Feedback. Do you ride? Do you not ride? Are you considering switching your riding style? This quiz will tell you what kind of riding your personality.

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    If you are planning to learn to ride horses , you may wonder whether you should choose English or Western riding.

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    Most western riding horses are ridden on little or no contact and the rider The rider's legs should hang naturally against the horse's sides and.

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