Why was cornelius vanderbilt a robber baron

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why was cornelius vanderbilt a robber baron

Quote by John Stossel: “Cornelius Vanderbilt and his fellow tycoon John...”

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Cornelius Vanderbilt is a Robber Baron

Essay on Cornelius Vanderbilt Robber Baron or Captain of Industry

The term "robber baron" began to be used in the early s to describe a class of extremely wealthy businessmen who used ruthless and unethical business tactics to dominate vital industries. And consumers and workers were able to be exploited. It took decades of growing outrage before the most flagrant abuses of the robber barons were brought under control. Here are some of the most notorious robber barons of the late s. In their time they were often praised as visionary businessmen, but their practices, when examined closely, were often predatory and unfair. Rising from very humble roots as the operator of one small ferry in New York Harbor, the man who would become known as "The Commodore" would dominate the entire transportation industry in the United States.

How "Captains of Industry" earned their title. Cornelius Vanderbilt was a Robber Baron because he fit many of the charateristics associated with.
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Ruthless Businessmen Acquired Great Wealth in the late 1800s

The son of an impoverished farmer and boatman, Vanderbilt quit school at age 11 to work on the waterfront. In he purchased his first boat with money borrowed from his parents. Then, during the War of , he enlarged his operation to a small fleet, with which he supplied government outposts around the city. Vanderbilt expanded his ferry operation still further following the war, but in he sold all his boats and went to work for Thomas Gibbons as steamship captain. During the next decade, Vanderbilt gained control of the traffic on the Hudson River by cutting fares and offering unprecedented luxury on his ships.

The Civil War broke his heart, but made his second fortune. Cornelius was born in on Staten Island among the harbours that would make his first fortune. Even at this early age few could best him, in business, or on the street. Getting into scraps with other men, beating the hell out of them and knocking them unconscious. At 19, he marries his first cousin who will bear him 13 children. A cutthroat entrepreneur, he moves from sailboat to steamships, always undercutting, and then overcoming the competition. Defeating many monopolies along the way, he creates the largest shipping empire in the world.

Shipping and railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt was a self-made multi-millionaire who became one of the wealthiest Americans of the 19th century. As a boy, he worked with his father, who operated a boat that ferried cargo between Staten Island, New York, where they lived, and Manhattan. In the process, the Commodore, as he was publicly nicknamed, gained a reputation for being fiercely competitive and ruthless. In the s, he shifted his focus to the railroad industry, where he built another empire and helped make railroad transportation more efficient. A descendant of Dutch settlers who came to America in the mids, Cornelius Vanderbilt was born into humble circumstances on May 27, , on Staten Island, New York. His parents were farmers and his father also made money by ferrying produce and merchandise between Staten Island and Manhattan in his two-masted sailing vessel, known as a periauger. As a boy, the younger Vanderbilt worked with his father on the water and attended school briefly.


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    Cornelius Vanderbilt, the 'Commodore': the first of the robber barons. The Civil War broke his heart, but made his second fortune. Cornelius was born in on .

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    Essay on Cornelius Vanderbilt Robber Baron or Captain of Industry | Cram

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