Funny native american indian humor

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funny native american indian humor

Me Funny by Drew Hayden Taylor

Humor has always been an essential part of North American aboriginal culture. This fact remained unnoticed by most settlers, however, since non-aboriginals just didn’t get the joke.

For most of written history, a stern, unyielding profile of “the Indian” dominated the popular mainstream imagination. Indians, it was believed, never laughed. But Indians themselves always knew better.

As an award-winning playwright, columnist, and comedy-sketch creator, Drew Hayden Taylor has spent 15 years writing and researching aboriginal humor. For Me Funny, he asked a noted cast of writers from a variety of fields — including such celebrated wordsmiths as Thomas King, Allan J. Ryan, Mirjam Hirch, and Tomson Highway — to take a look at what makes aboriginal humor tick.

Their hilarious, enlightening contributions playfully examine the use of humor in areas as diverse as stand-up comedy, fiction, visual art, drama, performance, poetry, traditional storytelling, and education.
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"Indian Doctors" - Russell Peters - Almost Famous

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Drew Hayden Taylor

Native Humor: "Natives Be Like…" 13 funny Native-style memes that went viral

He was funny sometimes, maybe most of the time, but nobody could be funny all of the time. There are few people, and even fewer Indians, as widely loved in the literary world as Sherman Alexie. He is perhaps the closest thing to a rock star that Indians have. Not only is he an award-winning, best-selling author, but he became one by writing about drunk, despairing, poor Indians based on his own experiences living on the Spokane reservation. And most important, he writes about them with charm and wit rather than the doom and gloom of Dee Brown and Diane Sawyer. In his stories, Alexie does not directly challenge this image of a broken people naturally prone to self-destruction and struggling to survive in the modern world, but he writes about the child abuse, alcoholic fathers, and dead-end lives in tones light and breezy. That line, a flippant address to the very unnatural death by destitution common in Indian populations, appears multiple times in the latest collection of Alexie stories, Blasphemy.

The humor of Native American Indian cultures historically has represented are perceived as humorous and positive by parents and other significant adults.
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    Feb 28, When you put gas in, as long as the needle moves off the E, it's all good. Here are a collection of 13 funny memes Indian Country Today found.

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    Nov 23, Alison Owings, Contributor. Author, 'Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans' going on in Indian Country. Or rather, humorous tweaking.

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    How many American Indian filmmakers, actors, and critics do you know?

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