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destiny 2 quotes about light

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Destiny 2 - Spider Dialogue

All of Zavala's Written Quotes from the API in Destiny 1

The Speaker [2] was the head of the Consensus within the Last City ; He was a very old Guardian, having lived as far back as the earliest days of the City. The Speaker had a study in the North tower, where he sold legendary class items and emblems in exchange for Motes of Light. After the destruction of the Iron Lords , the Speaker gained power in the Last City and established the Consensus with himself as its head and Vanguard to help keep order. Years later, the Speaker declared the position of Hunter Vanguard vacant following the two-year disappearance of the current Vanguard, Kauko Swiftriver. Saint failed to find Taniks, although one of Nian's comrades, Cayde-6 , succeeded and was believed to have killed Taniks, although the mercenary secretly survived the encounter. The supposed demise of Taniks elevated Andal Brask to the vacant seat of the Hunter Vanguard, as he and Cayde had made the Vanguard Dare over who would kill Taniks, with the loser becoming the new Vanguard. As time went on, the Speaker and Osiris became close, with Osiris becoming the Speaker's apprentice, [13] as the Speaker saw Osiris grow weary of ordering countless missions and dealing with the cryptarchs.

I've already explained the bizarro premise of the Destiny series, which casts you as a Guardian, an undying space superhero powered by the energy of a machine deity. What I failed to mention in that initial description, though, is how Destiny 2 begins: by taking all of that away. In the game's first moments, an invading army assaults the Tower, the security hub of the last human city—and robs every character and thus every player of their "Light", that invisible source of their power. Whereas in the first game every Guardian could be resurrected again and again, now every Guardian has only one life to spend. This offers Destiny , a game always plagued by accusations of repetition and artificiality, a remarkable opportunity for reinvention. The original title proved to be a game primarily interested in accretion: collecting guns, collecting armor, collecting various accolades and accomplishments. There was so much to collect that eventually the game's developers introduced what amounted to an in-game scrapbook cataloguing all the various things you'd done— Oh, the Places You'll Go for the shooter addict crowd.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Search for:. Commander Zavala, leader of the Vanguard council, appears as a no nonsense character. Those people who are willing to dive into the lore a little deeper will start to see cracks in that cool exterior.


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    "Not Light, but not darkness. Something else?" "Our courage "The Light is with you, Guardian. Let your Ghost guide you Destiny 2 Edit. "The Light lives in all.

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