Don t cling to a mistake just because

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don t cling to a mistake just because

Aubrey de Grey Quotes (Author of This Explains Everything)

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Published 17.01.2019

Lie to Life - Sick

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Despite what intentions this person may or may not have had, loving them went south, real fast. Sometimes you meet a person, blink, and your whole life is turned upside down and you don't know who you are anymore. Love literally makes you blind. And while usually the only downfalls of that are maybe not at first realizing your boyfriend's annoying snoring habit, sometimes they can be a lot more emotionally — and physically — dangerous. Once the magic wears off and reality hits, you're faced with a decision. You can either call it quits now because you've learned something about this person or have seen a side that you just can't accept in your life, or you can stay and try to to work it out.

Aubrey de Grey — 'Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it.'.
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I, myself, have uttered these phrases through hiccuping sobs. When I was eight I sat sprawled out on my floor with a blank piece of paper and spent hours and hours writing out my plan to run away. I had watched a movie where the main character, a kid my age, had packed a bag full of tuna sandwiches and blankets and disappeared into the night. The idea of it all had spiked my curiosity and being that I was eight and had no sense of reality and fiction I was more than willing to follow the lead of a fictional character. After I outlined everywhere I would go after my escape i. I flew around my room in my ruffled dress and tennis shoes grabbing everything and anything I could fit in my bag. After about five minutes of tirelessly darting between my bed and my closet I had a bag filled with a blanket, my stuffed animal named Snowy, a half eaten chocolate bar, a plastic sword, and a pair of socks.

By: Julie Rockefeller. Social media is the perfect vehicle for the dissemination of aphorisms. A good aphorism is pithy and packs a punch. It must contain a noun or verb that hooks you, niggling and worming its way into your psyche. Your gaze must be forced inward, if only for a moment. In the above example, "cling" is the operative word. Neither word is positively value-loaded.


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    “Don't Cling to a Mistake Just Because You Spent a lot of Time Making it.” — Aubrey De Graf. This quote from English author, biomedical gerontologist.

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