I have a pet wussy

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i have a pet wussy

How to Live with a Neurotic Dog by Stephen Baker

You think your life is crazy. Try looking at the world through your dogs big melting brown eyes. If your dog is neurotic (and what dog isnt these days?), consider these helpful pointers:
• Dont interrupt your dogs naps—remember, he needs your bed far more than you do.
• Dont force your dog to play fetch just because you feel like it—keep in mind his busy schedule too.
• Never bark orders at your dog. Please and thank you work wonders with the neurotic dog.
• Give your dog a canine personality quiz—its the first step before starting him on full-fledged psychoanalysis.
• If all else fails, feed him!

Stephen Bakers delightful HOW TO LIVE WITH A NEUROTIC DOG is sure to have both you and your canine companion rolling on the floor and begging for more.
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I Have A Pet - Original Nursery Rhymes + More - Super Simple Songs

i have a pet wussy

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Chris Rich & Occular - Pet wussy

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