Metaphysical causes of illness list

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metaphysical causes of illness list

Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them by Louise L. Hay

In dealing with chronic pain a friend referred this book to me as an alternative to the traditional medicine that wasnt as effective as necessary. Its just a short book which lists different diseases and physical ailments and what are perceived as the psychological reasonings behind those pains. Ive always believed there is some connection between mind and body, I just never considered the specific relationship between each part of the body and the psyche. It was actually a very enlightening book for me. I find myself reaching for it often when Im not feeling well and get curious as to what might be the true underlying issue for the physical pain. Just that knoweldge allows me to think through whats happening in my life and make some adjustments. Now, where Louise Hay and I part ways in this thinking is with her remedy - affirmations. I realize that theres logic behind this concept but my mind just doesnt play along. It laughs at affirmations and refuses to be so easily manipulated. I realize it does work for others so Im not discounting it, just saying its not the solution for me. Regardless, the book is still illuminative and helpful. If conventional medicine isnt working for you or you just dislike the traditional remedies to headaches and such, this book is worth a peek.
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What causes disease? (Spiritual/Metaphysical Causes)

Metaphysics of Diseases

The Metaphysics of Specific Disease Conditions. The Skeletal System. The Respiratory Tract. Cardiovascular disease. Gastrointestinal System. Support our entire weight. Is your support system letting you down?

My interest in the body-mind connection to possible emotional causes of I am presenting a brief list of illnesses or discomforts, the metaphysical cause(s), and Now to the generally accepted metaphysical causes to many illnesses and.
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The Healer Was Always You

Causes of Physical ILLNESS with Spiritual Cures

Diseases are caused by much deeper factors and most often they are related to the emotional nature. These toxins are stored in specific areas of the body, especially in the wrists, lymphatic system, internal organs, and the head. If the body, mind, and environment have a proper functioning, our body eliminates these toxins. Some toxins are eliminated through sweat glands, but if something goes wrong here, the body eliminates toxins through the skin. The first step towards disease can be tension … on all levels! If the body can not release its tension, then the internal organs become intoxicated and ill. Oxygenated blood returns from the lungs to the left side and from there it is sent to the rest of the body.

Your body is always speaking to you. The art of stopping to listen to it can not only provide the environment for healing physical conditions, but mental and emotional as well. Have you suffered from a disease and wondered what its presence could possibly signify in your life? Have you considered the emotional causes of disease? Knowledge is power and knowing what is afflicting us is the first step towards finding a solution. Here is a list of emotional causes of diseases as a reference tool to understand the emotional root cause of an ailment. Below each listed ailment is an affirmation to recite to shift the energy and bring greater healing.


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    The Emotional Causes Of Disease

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    My interest in the body-mind connection to possible emotional causes of illnesses began when I was introduced to Catherine Ponder's first book, the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity in the early s.

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    Alphabetic Index Of Metaphysical Causes Of Illness From A to F. Below is a list of Health conditions, each is a link to our health card which gives the possible.

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    Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay is a good place to start if you are looking for healing.

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    Symptoms list:

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