Encyclopedia of indian medicinal plants

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encyclopedia of indian medicinal plants

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Audrey adalah gadis bungsu yang manja dan berusaha menjadi lebih dewasa dan mandiri
dengan cara meninggalkan kehidupan mapan di rumah orang tuanya di Jakarta,
dan memilih hidup sederhana di rumah kost di kota Malang, tempatnya kuliah.
Hingga pada suatu hari ditahun terakhir perkuliahan, seorang penghuni kost baru,
Junet, membuat perubahan besar dalam hidupnya.
Mereka cepat sekali menjadi akrab, dan menjadi sahabat, malah lebih dari pada itu.
Perbedaan pendapat antar mereka mulai terjadi, dan berujung dengan pertengkaran besar
dan berkahir pada perpisahan yang saling menyakiti.
Hingga pada suatu hari setelah belasan tahun, mereka bertemu kembali.
Mampukah pertemuan itu menghapus semua rasa dendam yang dipendam selama belasan tahun?
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Encyclopedia Indian Medicinal Plants by Khare, Used

Plants can not run away from their enemies nor get rid of troublesome pests as humans or other animals do, so what have they evolved to protect themselves? Whatever this protection is it must be successful, for the diversity and richness of green plants is extraordinary, and their dominance in most ecosystems of the world is unquestioned. Plant successes are closely intertwined with the evolution and production of highly diverse compounds known as secondary metabolites, compounds that are not essential for growth and reproduction, but rather, through interaction with their environment, enhance plant prospects of survival. These metabolites are therefore plant agents for chemical warfare , allowing plants to ward off microorganisms, insects, and other animals acting as predators and pathogens. Such compounds may also be valuable to humans for the same purposes, and therefore may be used as medicines.

An Illustrated Dictionary

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Get Latest Price. It is one of the premier organizations doing original research in all aspects of medicinal plants. View Complete Details. It has plant pictures, botanical and regional names, Sanskrit synonyms and its complete reference, plant properties and English meaning of all technical Sanskrit terms. It incorporates selective information on Ayurvedic Formulations, those that have few ingredients and are easy to prepare as well as some commonly used formulations that contain many ingredients. This CD-ROM is friendly enough for the casual user who wants to gain some insight into Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants, yet powerful enough for the experienced Ayurvedic physician or student or researcher who needs specific information about an Ayurvedic Plant or some details about an Ayurvedic Formulation.


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