William swain california gold rush

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william swain california gold rush

William Swain (Author of The World Rushed In)

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America the Story of Us: Gold Rush - History

Niagara Falls, August 19, DEATH OF A PIONEER William Swain, one of the Just finished a book regarding your travels to the goldmines in California.
William Swain

William Swain

Dear George, It is so long a time since I wrote you and I have passed through so many scenes and changes of condition that I scarcely know what to say among the multitude of things I wish to write. You have probably all had much anxiety about my safe arrival in California, and as you have been unable to hear from me for so long a time, you will be desirous of having a lexicon of our journey. I wrote from Raft River by John Root who packed through from that point, and I will commence my letter at that point. But I can only give you a word in this letter as there is so much to say about California and its mines of gold We arrived at Lawson's Ranch on the 8th day of November, tired and worn down with toil and exposure but hardy, healthy, and in good spirits, buoyant with hope. In fact, all was dear but rain and mud which was everywhere.

Below is part of a letter that William Swain, a forty-niner, wrote to his brother in New York. Letters such as this one help us understand what daily life was like for people who participated in the California Gold Rush of We made our claim and then built a house as soon as possible to shelter our heads from the soaking rains…. If there is no gold, we shall be off to another place, for there is an abundance of gold here, and if we are blessed with health, we are determined to have a share of it. It has a good door made of cedar boards hewn [out] of cedar logs, but no window. It faces the south and is on the north side of the river.

Photo added by Maggie Potter. Deceased had been a resident of the county for a great many years, in fact was one of the pioneer settlers and the family has long been known all over this section of the State.
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William Swain

The Start of the California Gold Rush (1849)

Son of Isaac W. William Swain read about the discovery of gold in California in his hometown newspapers in Youngstown, New York. Leaving his wife and children behind, the year-old Swain set out to find his fortune in April , traveling overland to California with several friends and relatives. Luckily for us, Swain kept journals and wrote letters about his adventures. His accounts provide us with a vivid picture of the era. He left California in late and returned home to his family.

I've been to Youngstown, too! Miss Lily lives nearby in Fredonia Hi there, I have just finished reading the book and am eager to find out more. I came across your story and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing it. I would love to travel over some day from the UK and visit the sites you have described. I absolutely loved the book and felt as though William and I were friends! I know it sounds crazy but I will miss him.


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    You have probably all had much anxiety about my safe arrival in California, and as you a word in this letter as there is so much to say about California and its mines of gold. . George, I tell you this mining among the mountains is a dog's life.

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    William Swain was a twenty-seven year old farmer's son from Youngstown, New The men who traveled to California in the Gold Rush years had a conscious.

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